French Wines VS. New world wines: a need to redesign communication

All over the world, France is known as the country of reference for wine. During years and years our country used to be the biggest producer, exporter and consumer of this product, being a reference for wine-nuts and a safe bet for most of us. Well, it used to be like this. France is now struggling along and seems to be out of breath on both international and national markets.

Because the world wine landscape has been changing a lot for a decade -becoming more globalized, more structured, the leader position of French wines is fading away.

This alarming observation is due to many failures: overproduction, lack of commercial drive, oppressive AOC system, uncompetitive industry abroad etc. Among all of these issues, one section has been remaining underestimated until now: marketing issues, especially communication.

While new world wines countries are successfully entering the international market thanks to a demand-marketing strategy, France is getting completely struck because of an offer-marketing position: they don’t answer to their consumers’ needs.

Countries such as Australia, Argentina are setting up efficient communication strategies, creating labels that are much easier to read, enjoying of a more flexible legal framework.

Even if the Evin law is limiting the opportunities of communication, French wine industry has been overlooking other channels such as social media and internet which is such a fast-growing market: it’s time to join the bandwagon!

In our society where millions of consumers are exposed to millions of products, there is no future for a brand that doesn’t know how to communicate efficiently.