Brand Management – Why it is important to turn a product into a concept: example with Mc Donald’s & Pampers

Remember when Mc Donald’s decided to launch pizza, bagels and sandwitches in the United States: it was a huge failure.

Why? Mainly because in consumers’ minds, Mc Donald’s was associated to hamburgers, meaning that Mc Donald’s was perceived as a product-based brand.

The Mc Donald’s example: being a concept to launch new products

Indeed, when people were thinking about Mc Donald’s they only think about hamburgers and not pizza. Because pizza and bagels were denying the existence of the core product (the hamburger), consumers did not buy it. A blessing in disguise, Mc Donald’s understood that they needed to be perceived as a concept rather than a product in order to launch line extensions.  This is whyMc Donald’s soflty moved from the hamburger-based brand to the “American Fast-Food Experience”, which is a concept-based brand. With this concept, line extensions could be accepted by the consumer as a wider fast food experience, where pizza and wraps would not contradict the core products, hamburgers.

The Pamper’s example: being a concept to create an online community 

The brand Pampers was previously associated to baby diapers and nothing else: it as a product-based brand. Then they decided to become a concept, a “baby care” company: Pampers not only sell diapers, Pampers take care of your babies. In order to build their concept and make it concrete (a concept only exists through consumers’ perception, they need to accept it! ) Pampers redesigned their website. They created an online community where the brand gives advices on baby care, you can find “how to do” sections, general and more specified topics are covered in sort that every mother can find what she needs. This website enabled Pampers moving from product to concept, by creating an online community around baby care. Many advantage came from this strategy: since then it has been created a C2C buzz on social media,  positive world-of-mouth, and it enabled the brand to launch a line extension: baby-wipes for toddler and young children. Because Pampers was succesfully perceived as a Baby-Care company, the baby wipes were perceived as a logical line extension. Parents were starting to buy these wipe because they trusted the brand. Because Pampers was giving advices on baby care, it bring credence to the brand, meaning that they were more credible in consumers’ mind. It goes without saying that media buzz is good to enhance brand awareness!

To put it in a nusthell, consumers would accept more easily line extensions when the brand is a concept. When your brand is product-based, then there is always a higher risk: your line extensions might be rejected by your consumer as an inorganic line extensions. However, it is not because your brand is a concept that your line extension will be accepted: there is not magical recipe ! For instance, BIC perfumes where rejected by the consumer while BIC is known as a concept in consumers’ mind ( BIC refers to yellow, cheap and easy-to-use product, throwable) . BIC failed with this line extension because they did not understand what they were exactly selling. Any brand needs to perfectly understand  its concept . The concept needs to be well-defined, logical and coherent as a whole in order to successfully launch line extensions.

The pitch

Meeting, 28th of november

The Pitch. Group presentations on the assignment

You will be required to present, as an agency group and to your fellow students, a short, factual response to the group case study brief (up to 15 minutes). This should follow the structure suggested by the course, modified if you wish with reference to sources such as De Pelsmacker et al and Percy, Rossiter and Elliot etc.

Feedback will be given by the tutor(s) with a view to you using this to reflect on your work and improve.  The aim of your presentation is to present as polished and as convincing a proposal as possible.

As such you should present the key decisions you have made (even if you have adopted part of your plan from other groups’ work) and your reasons for them.  This is a good point at which to tie your communications plan into academic and practitioner articles you have studied. This is a co-operative forum so you should ensure that you contribute to others’ understanding as well as drawing on others’ presentations.[Apologies! The above was copied from a section describing work in your individual assignment – see guidance below]

This presentation is not part of your formal assessment but you are required to use the data projector or, other professional standard materials. It is expected that you will produce a brief handout for your clients (tutors) that outlines your plan, summarises the budget allocation and lists references you have used.  These slides and handouts should be included as an appendix to your individual assignment.

Your presentation and handouts should all be posted on Moodle.  Your feedback will be posted here as well. See below.

Above all, the purpose of this pitch is to convince your client that your agency has understood the brief, that you have developed insight into the customers and have developed what is clearly a well-thought through and efficient communications plan to achieve specified objectives. Play the role of an agency.

These information are not emphasized enough:

– Atitudes

– Consumer behavior

– Target

Paper we are going to hand out should contain:

– a little bit of spectrum, a little about our agency and our plan and strategy + Objectives detailed

– outline of the campaign

– timeline more detailed

– budget (in numbers very detailed on excel)

– references

half a page : a little about us

half a page: strategy

one page with the budget and timeline

Adja worked on the references

Fergus Marisa and Temi on the last slide of the PPT

Iris Caro and Gigi on the paper to hand out

Gigi and Iris on timeline

Caro on the presentation of the agency (first part)

Next meeting is scheduled on monday 2nd december

Always keep in mind how important is it for the client to have these information

Meeting, Wednesday 27th of November

This meeting was to put together our different part to build the final power point presentation.

General plan:


–          Welcome

–          Our values

–         Why IMC

–          Speakers introduction

–        Campaign



Creative: the core message/ strategy

Media planning




Who is gonna present:

– Caroline 


– Iris

– Marisa

Discussion about the different parts:

– for intro, we should start saying we are spectrum, a few words about us and our values etc. And then someone who is not speaking can give a printed paper containing our credentials to Phill and Kate  “if you want to know more about us here are our credentials”

– for the budget part we could create a chart / graph to show people reached in one colour an another color to reprensent budget. Goal: to emphazise the fact that we are reaching more people that we are spending money (value for money)

– Measurement: minimum to talk about this during the presentation. One or two slides. Always keep in mind how important is it for the client to have these information

Illustrate what the campaign would look like as we do with the billboard advertising

Simplify the best as we can the slides with the numbers (people reached). It have to be very clear and visual

We can measure direct responses, number of likes on social media, use QR code to track the number to people etc

Reasearch- Hotel



Online reviews


For yotel


Perceived confort


Quality of facilities

Mintel: people are willing to pay more to have a design hotel (this is a trend)

Location > design > quality (process)

What business people want and what holidays people want (two graphs in one slide)

Then theoretical justifications

Channel we are going to use


Yotel tour in 5 cities in which to communicate in Stations trains buses, underground ,

Where people who visit London come from?? Need a justification to choose these cities

Virgin business class advertising to watch

Less expensive than London


Next meeting: Monday before the pitch

Let’s see how many people we are reaching for how many

Meeting, Friday 22th of November

 Max exposure for minimum costs

Trafalgar square: Near to the location of Yotel + art and culture

 Media planning

Discussed about the style of the power point

–          More professional

–          With yotel style / purple or our agency style?

–          Keep the theme of superheros/ images of comics in the background  then a white space to write the text

–          Focus on the our main idea and the number of people we are going to reach

People reached through direct marketing:

–          Interior design magazine–          How design magazine

–          Marketing magazine


–          Time out 
millions  6 millions = users from time out

==> 9 millions readers

Publication timeline

How design magazine : every two months

Interior design magazine: monthly

Marketing magazine : monthly

Time out: weekly


Our main spots traffic

60 000 visitors through Shoreditch

80 000 trafalgar square

Tube traffic in the picadilly line: every week day  529 550 passengers

Saturday: 472 357

Sunday: 298 949

Annual : 176 177 million


Competition launched at the Trafalgar square event

Price distributed at the Yosushi: 120 000 guests per week, 6 millions per year

(source = mediacentre – heathrow airport : source of these number) 

Total =  11millions people reached


2 weeks campaign so we need to find out the number of people in the underground during two weeks

1229 millions of passagengersthrough  every line every zones , travelers per year so it’s too much

62 stations in zone 1

11 lines for the whole London underground (wiki source)

 Tube: one single huge billboard

This last october 88 thousands visitors (this is how look London source) ComiCon, an event that happen twice a year (may and October) 76 000 customers in may. Event where people dress up in superheros

Creative ideas for the tube (advertising):

put a geisha on the billboard with mirrors “ a touch of japan in London”

Buckingham palace built with sushis

London+ Japan touch

Put an old mobilephone and then a Iphone, an old computer and then a laptop, and a classical hotel and then Yotel, innovating , technology.  

Our key ideas for the concept of Yotel

“Smart design, executive experience” è for business purpose

“??“ For leisure purpose ==> to determine

public always ask where did we find the figure, we have to be sure that numbers are supported by sources

We need to anticipate all the questions

In the research part è include something about the leading market/ competitors


 Don’t spend too much time on it unless it is useful to justify our choice

should use theory è why do we use box park, Trafalgar square, a cabin experience?

Otherwise, keep this part for questions at the end of the pitch


Four ads over four issues, four magazines during four time

Four time per magazine

Time out : every two weeks over the summer because people are going to visit (we want them to be in holidays)

Comic on(co-sponsorship) How design Time out Interior magazine 

How design


Time out


Mid-august: YOSUSHI instagram

Interior magazine 

Party for blogueurs


A week after: business event


Trafalgar squareandthen one week later Box park in Shoretich

How design 




Trade shows 

Interior design

Interior design


Tasks assigned for next week:

 –          Need an intro (company,ourself and the campaign, it’s gonna be a two approaches because we find out the difference between holidays and business and why IMC (Caro)

–          Theoretical research and researches: Gigi (will not divide into primary and secondary) and the main conclusions (quality, price, and location)

 –          Then objectives (Temi + Adja)

–          Then creative, media, timeline (Fergus and Marisa)

–          Then budget + timeline (Iris)

–          Then measurement (qr code on advertisment when it’s possible – not in the underground, social media trafficetc) (Temi + Adja)

Then Conclusion: let’s do it next week

 Write in a slide documents power point  Everybody should take a look to measurement methods

 Missing information

–          Tube

–          Sponsorship

–          Box park rental

–          East cost train from Leeds, Manchester, Edimburgh (more people to add to the 10 millions already reached)

–          How many customers in the X number of restaurants at Yosushi?

–          Cost of 5 000 flyers?

–          How many people use zone 1 and 3 per week ?

–          How expensive is it to communicate on the trains that go to Edinburg and Manchester è check price on trainline from london to these cities

Next meeting: Wednesday, 27th of November, 2pm

Goal: the maximum exposure for the minimum budget

Meeting – Friday 21 of November

Main question: how are we going to have the maximum exposure for the minimum money?

Today’s goal is to evaluate how many people are we going to reach and at what price

Reviewing of different magazines then we selected the main magazines according to the number of fans/ followers on the different social media. Take the biggest magazines to reach the biggest community.

–          Time one London

–          London on the inside : London in general, the hippest trends and coolest brands

–          Interior design magazine: 652 855 facebook fans, 135 667 followers on twitter

–          How design magazine: target young professionals, 53 712 facebook fans, 87 453 followers on twitter

–          Adweek: 158 975 twitter, 142 000 facebook

–          Marketing magazine, UK’s leader, 183 241 twitter, 594 000 facebook

Iris talked about the mini’s campaign that had created an app to find a real mini car in the city center, the people who found it won it. I should give a look to this campaign

 Trade shows:

–          World travel market: 3-6 November. Exhibitors: airline, hotem

–          Sleep hotel design excellence show contest. 20-21 november, at the business design center in London

–          100% design


–          Style Bubble, about fashion. 51 338 facebook, 212 452 twitter

Traffic on the different spots

–          Trafalgar square:

–          Box park in Shoreditch:  twitter 13 935, facebook 37 173, instagram 5138, 16 328 were here on facebook tag, tripadvisor attraction number 35/420

–          Shoreditch: 60 000 people/week

–          Yo sushi to conduct the instagram contest: 124 239 facebook fans, 1929 followers instagram, 37025 on twitter (yosushi pages)

Budget part

–          Magazines: 4 adds during 8 weeks prior the launch inside 4 magazines

–          Box park Shoreditch: 200£ per square meters, here for 12m² it’s 7200 GPB

–          Trafalgar square: 1000 £/ hour, 10 000 GPB / week-end. Cabin design è 20 000£ + logistics, shipping, setting up è 5000£ + staff 8 hours/ 80 pounds è 1000£

–          Trade shows: 3 exhibitions è 7000£

–          Instagram contest è 1000£ for leaflets

We thought about removing the event from Trafalgar square to a square in front of King cross saint Pancras because it was too expensive. But I argued the fact people won’t stop to try our cabin because Saint Pancras is a high traffic place where people won’t stop, having their luggages, they just want to get to their place as quick as possible.

We were thinking to place an ad in Eurostar magazine or through a huge billboard in the station. We also thought about the possibility of creating a partnership with Eurostar but for sure it won’t be this easy to establish it in such a short time

Billboard in a huge transit underground station to foreseen

See more tomorrow. Task until then : searching for bloggeurs. Tomorrow’s main goal: finish the budget part

Meeting for the pitch

Wednesday, 20th of November

Pitch planning

Global plan

Part 1: who are we

Part 2: the core message / key ideas

Part 3: research methods and target

Part 4: objectives

Part 5: Creative section (what we are going to do and how)

Part 6 : budget

Part 7: measurement

Part 1: what we are , what we are going to do / talk about

–          Why marcoms / IMC ?

–          Credentials: talking about the strengths of our team, focus on our experience

According to Gigi, we should not focus on this because it’s useless we only have 15min

Part 2: the core message / key ideas

–          Theoretical background/ planning process theory (very important, see first lecture recommended by Phil)

–          Our original idea was : you don’t have to flight first class. We try to find other key words to create the perfect slogan. We came out with these words: smart experience, stunning, perfectly design, optimized, unique, engineered. We found really great the slogan used by BMW : ‘design for luxury, engineered for excellence’.

Ideas of slogan:

Smart design for a stunning experience

Smart sleeping

Note that Yotel twitter account describes Yotel with this slogan: “everything you would expect from a luxury hotel in a small space”

Part 3: research methods and target

Research and then segmentation according to what we found in research. Define here the difference between business and leisure è 2 types of stay at the hotel

Need to focus here on what we found more that how we did it. We have to show to the client we have carried out a competitive analysis / in-depht interviews that enable us to perfectly understand the market. Don’t spend too much time on the details. Don’t talk of qualitative /quantitative at all, just say: we have carried out interviews among 24 people and here are the main results from it.

Part 4: objectives

Objectives according to what we draw from the research

–          Increase brand awareness by driving traffic on social media (need to specify which media) by X%

For instance, on instagram, there are 56 000 posts about the hashtag ‘trafalgar square’. It means that 56 000 people are looking on instagram for Trafalgar square. If we associate Yotel with this hashtag we will have a very interesting visibility among this huge community. Brand awareness cannot be measured but on the 56 000 people, maybe 1/3 from them will remember of Yotel name. That can already represent the occupancy of Yotel in one year

Need a theory to support this objective:  AIDA model è we want to raise awareness because it leads to interest then desire then action

MAIN IDEA: maximum impact for the less money. Hit as many people as possible in a shortly time

Need to create a timeline

–          Secure both corporate and leisure booking. Room occupancy: the number of room booked. 80% to 85% is the rate of occupancy the marketing director is expected, would be the minimum to reach success

–          B2B marketing: business corporate networking è relationship objective

The more precise the objective is the easier it is to measure it

Part 5: Creative section (what we are going to do and how

Marketing tools that we use:

–          Social media

–          Event

–          PR

–          Direct marketing (magazines)


Design / architecture


Airport magazines

Technology such as Ipod users, App magazines

Advertising / marketing / communication / media magazines

Need justifications and theories


Leisure Business
–          Instagram Contest supported by Yo sushi-          Bloggeurs night  –          Corporate event. Event for the 100 top SME to work for-          Direct marketing (industry magazines)
–          Launch event at Trafalgar square:

Start with the cabin in Trafalgar square

Then in the box mall in Shoreditch

Then around 5 different cities : Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester (circulating van)

–          Instagram contest supported by Yosushi: good because not too expensive, people would already be in YOsushi.

–          Trafalgar square: can be interesting to join paper to fill in order to subscribe to a newsletter if interested by Yotel concept in order to receive it next time in e-mails.

Theory of marisa: the more you are exposed to a brand, the more you will remind it. So people have to see yotel several time (hence the continuity principle over 6 months)

We think that launching the cabin exhibit in Trafalgar square 4 months before the real opening of Yotel in central London is too early – people will forget about it before. So we decided that 6 weeks can be fine

–          Blogueurs night: aroung 20 blogueurs to contact. Make the blogueur nights and corporate event inside the Yotel because it would be ready before opening, if it’s not possible then try to choose a place that is as close as possible from Yotel. Global idea: first one to try the concept, exclusivity , exclusive stay, make people connect with the brand

–          Corporate event: SME from agencies, creative industry, advertising. They will be physical target here in front of us. We have to get them on board. Need to talk to peers too, not only to 30 person. To do so, use the biggest journal/ magazines with direct marketing

Our planning need a continuity over 6 months. The month we decide to start it doesn’t matter

Success recipe from Phil: having one very clear idea, stick to it, sell it.

Monday, 18th of November

Meeting with Phil

Topic covered:

First of all, in order to sell a strategy, it’s important to focus on only one big idea

Our big idea can be that Yotel is the new arm of Yogroup

The main goal of the operation is to raise awareness

Our creative ideas:

–          Put a Yotel room in Shoreditch (the box) and Trafalgar square, exhibit in this room. “Here we are, come in and experience it”. Goal: convince cool people that Yotel is the new thing to try because is a new cool thing. The target audience is quiet interesting in experiencing something new, feeling that they are in a new technological trend and that they can therefore lead it.

–          Instagram pictures contest, this kind of contest is successful

–          Blogger event. Use a large blogger community to attract them, to seduce them with the Yotel concept in order to make them talk about the brand by using their blog and social media to post things

Remind of the difficulty to understand the concept

Phil’s advices:

–          During the pitch, narrowing this down : don’t spend much time talking about what the brief is because they already know it

–          Don’t spent too much time on the research part unless we have found important/ relevant figures/ information that might interest them, something new and unexpected they might not be aware of

–          Everything must be focused down on the central core message (remember his schema), on the big idea of the campaign. Remember that on his schema, he said that under the core message we will have to think about the support, teasing etc., everything that contributes to the campaign

–          Objectives must be very clear. For instance, “want to achieve X hundred booking within the next X months”, and the same concerning social media audience: we must give an idea of the expected traffic , giving media audience figures, number or fans, percentage of specific audience (workers, travelers).

–          The most important point to demonstrate is that X million people would be aware of Yotel/ our event

–          The campaign needs to have a form of words, a demonstration of the core message

–          We need to select very specific medias such as design magazines, software magazines , magazine for iphone users, pick off/up? archetypes, pick up those professions etc.

–          Don’t talk about awareness much but sensibility from these target to the concept

–          Make sure everything fix with your central concept and then after test it


Globally, he really found that our ideas were good. He advised us to have one very clear idea and then stick to it and sell it