The pitch

Meeting, 28th of november

The Pitch. Group presentations on the assignment

You will be required to present, as an agency group and to your fellow students, a short, factual response to the group case study brief (up to 15 minutes). This should follow the structure suggested by the course, modified if you wish with reference to sources such as De Pelsmacker et al and Percy, Rossiter and Elliot etc.

Feedback will be given by the tutor(s) with a view to you using this to reflect on your work and improve.  The aim of your presentation is to present as polished and as convincing a proposal as possible.

As such you should present the key decisions you have made (even if you have adopted part of your plan from other groups’ work) and your reasons for them.  This is a good point at which to tie your communications plan into academic and practitioner articles you have studied. This is a co-operative forum so you should ensure that you contribute to others’ understanding as well as drawing on others’ presentations.[Apologies! The above was copied from a section describing work in your individual assignment – see guidance below]

This presentation is not part of your formal assessment but you are required to use the data projector or, other professional standard materials. It is expected that you will produce a brief handout for your clients (tutors) that outlines your plan, summarises the budget allocation and lists references you have used.  These slides and handouts should be included as an appendix to your individual assignment.

Your presentation and handouts should all be posted on Moodle.  Your feedback will be posted here as well. See below.

Above all, the purpose of this pitch is to convince your client that your agency has understood the brief, that you have developed insight into the customers and have developed what is clearly a well-thought through and efficient communications plan to achieve specified objectives. Play the role of an agency.

These information are not emphasized enough:

– Atitudes

– Consumer behavior

– Target

Paper we are going to hand out should contain:

– a little bit of spectrum, a little about our agency and our plan and strategy + Objectives detailed

– outline of the campaign

– timeline more detailed

– budget (in numbers very detailed on excel)

– references

half a page : a little about us

half a page: strategy

one page with the budget and timeline

Adja worked on the references

Fergus Marisa and Temi on the last slide of the PPT

Iris Caro and Gigi on the paper to hand out

Gigi and Iris on timeline

Caro on the presentation of the agency (first part)

Next meeting is scheduled on monday 2nd december


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