Always keep in mind how important is it for the client to have these information

Meeting, Wednesday 27th of November

This meeting was to put together our different part to build the final power point presentation.

General plan:


–          Welcome

–          Our values

–         Why IMC

–          Speakers introduction

–        Campaign



Creative: the core message/ strategy

Media planning




Who is gonna present:

– Caroline 


– Iris

– Marisa

Discussion about the different parts:

– for intro, we should start saying we are spectrum, a few words about us and our values etc. And then someone who is not speaking can give a printed paper containing our credentials to Phill and Kate  “if you want to know more about us here are our credentials”

– for the budget part we could create a chart / graph to show people reached in one colour an another color to reprensent budget. Goal: to emphazise the fact that we are reaching more people that we are spending money (value for money)

– Measurement: minimum to talk about this during the presentation. One or two slides. Always keep in mind how important is it for the client to have these information

Illustrate what the campaign would look like as we do with the billboard advertising

Simplify the best as we can the slides with the numbers (people reached). It have to be very clear and visual

We can measure direct responses, number of likes on social media, use QR code to track the number to people etc

Reasearch- Hotel



Online reviews


For yotel


Perceived confort


Quality of facilities

Mintel: people are willing to pay more to have a design hotel (this is a trend)

Location > design > quality (process)

What business people want and what holidays people want (two graphs in one slide)

Then theoretical justifications

Channel we are going to use


Yotel tour in 5 cities in which to communicate in Stations trains buses, underground ,

Where people who visit London come from?? Need a justification to choose these cities

Virgin business class advertising to watch

Less expensive than London


Next meeting: Monday before the pitch


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