Let’s see how many people we are reaching for how many

Meeting, Friday 22th of November

 Max exposure for minimum costs

Trafalgar square: Near to the location of Yotel + art and culture

 Media planning

Discussed about the style of the power point

–          More professional

–          With yotel style / purple or our agency style?

–          Keep the theme of superheros/ images of comics in the background  then a white space to write the text

–          Focus on the our main idea and the number of people we are going to reach

People reached through direct marketing:

–          Interior design magazine–          How design magazine

–          Marketing magazine


–          Time out 
millions  6 millions = users from time out

==> 9 millions readers

Publication timeline

How design magazine : every two months

Interior design magazine: monthly

Marketing magazine : monthly

Time out: weekly


Our main spots traffic

60 000 visitors through Shoreditch

80 000 trafalgar square

Tube traffic in the picadilly line: every week day  529 550 passengers

Saturday: 472 357

Sunday: 298 949

Annual : 176 177 million


Competition launched at the Trafalgar square event

Price distributed at the Yosushi: 120 000 guests per week, 6 millions per year

(source = mediacentre – heathrow airport : source of these number) 

Total =  11millions people reached


2 weeks campaign so we need to find out the number of people in the underground during two weeks

1229 millions of passagengersthrough  every line every zones , travelers per year so it’s too much

62 stations in zone 1

11 lines for the whole London underground (wiki source)

 Tube: one single huge billboard

This last october 88 thousands visitors (this is how look London source) ComiCon, an event that happen twice a year (may and October) 76 000 customers in may. Event where people dress up in superheros

Creative ideas for the tube (advertising):

put a geisha on the billboard with mirrors “ a touch of japan in London”

Buckingham palace built with sushis

London+ Japan touch

Put an old mobilephone and then a Iphone, an old computer and then a laptop, and a classical hotel and then Yotel, innovating , technology.  

Our key ideas for the concept of Yotel

“Smart design, executive experience” è for business purpose

“??“ For leisure purpose ==> to determine

public always ask where did we find the figure, we have to be sure that numbers are supported by sources

We need to anticipate all the questions

In the research part è include something about the leading market/ competitors


 Don’t spend too much time on it unless it is useful to justify our choice

should use theory è why do we use box park, Trafalgar square, a cabin experience?

Otherwise, keep this part for questions at the end of the pitch


Four ads over four issues, four magazines during four time

Four time per magazine

Time out : every two weeks over the summer because people are going to visit (we want them to be in holidays)

Comic on(co-sponsorship) How design Time out Interior magazine 

How design


Time out


Mid-august: YOSUSHI instagram

Interior magazine 

Party for blogueurs


A week after: business event


Trafalgar squareandthen one week later Box park in Shoretich

How design 




Trade shows 

Interior design

Interior design


Tasks assigned for next week:

 –          Need an intro (company,ourself and the campaign, it’s gonna be a two approaches because we find out the difference between holidays and business and why IMC (Caro)

–          Theoretical research and researches: Gigi (will not divide into primary and secondary) and the main conclusions (quality, price, and location)

 –          Then objectives (Temi + Adja)

–          Then creative, media, timeline (Fergus and Marisa)

–          Then budget + timeline (Iris)

–          Then measurement (qr code on advertisment when it’s possible – not in the underground, social media trafficetc) (Temi + Adja)

Then Conclusion: let’s do it next week

 Write in a slide documents power point  Everybody should take a look to measurement methods

 Missing information

–          Tube

–          Sponsorship

–          Box park rental

–          East cost train from Leeds, Manchester, Edimburgh (more people to add to the 10 millions already reached)

–          How many customers in the X number of restaurants at Yosushi?

–          Cost of 5 000 flyers?

–          How many people use zone 1 and 3 per week ?

–          How expensive is it to communicate on the trains that go to Edinburg and Manchester è check price on trainline from london to these cities

Next meeting: Wednesday, 27th of November, 2pm


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