Goal: the maximum exposure for the minimum budget

Meeting – Friday 21 of November

Main question: how are we going to have the maximum exposure for the minimum money?

Today’s goal is to evaluate how many people are we going to reach and at what price

Reviewing of different magazines then we selected the main magazines according to the number of fans/ followers on the different social media. Take the biggest magazines to reach the biggest community.

–          Time one London

–          London on the inside : London in general, the hippest trends and coolest brands

–          Interior design magazine: 652 855 facebook fans, 135 667 followers on twitter

–          How design magazine: target young professionals, 53 712 facebook fans, 87 453 followers on twitter

–          Adweek: 158 975 twitter, 142 000 facebook

–          Marketing magazine, UK’s leader, 183 241 twitter, 594 000 facebook

Iris talked about the mini’s campaign that had created an app to find a real mini car in the city center, the people who found it won it. I should give a look to this campaign

 Trade shows:

–          World travel market: 3-6 November. Exhibitors: airline, hotem

–          Sleep hotel design excellence show contest. 20-21 november, at the business design center in London

–          100% design


–          Style Bubble, about fashion. 51 338 facebook, 212 452 twitter

Traffic on the different spots

–          Trafalgar square:

–          Box park in Shoreditch:  twitter 13 935, facebook 37 173, instagram 5138, 16 328 were here on facebook tag, tripadvisor attraction number 35/420

–          Shoreditch: 60 000 people/week

–          Yo sushi to conduct the instagram contest: 124 239 facebook fans, 1929 followers instagram, 37025 on twitter (yosushi pages)

Budget part

–          Magazines: 4 adds during 8 weeks prior the launch inside 4 magazines

–          Box park Shoreditch: 200£ per square meters, here for 12m² it’s 7200 GPB

–          Trafalgar square: 1000 £/ hour, 10 000 GPB / week-end. Cabin design è 20 000£ + logistics, shipping, setting up è 5000£ + staff 8 hours/ 80 pounds è 1000£

–          Trade shows: 3 exhibitions è 7000£

–          Instagram contest è 1000£ for leaflets

We thought about removing the event from Trafalgar square to a square in front of King cross saint Pancras because it was too expensive. But I argued the fact people won’t stop to try our cabin because Saint Pancras is a high traffic place where people won’t stop, having their luggages, they just want to get to their place as quick as possible.

We were thinking to place an ad in Eurostar magazine or through a huge billboard in the station. We also thought about the possibility of creating a partnership with Eurostar but for sure it won’t be this easy to establish it in such a short time

Billboard in a huge transit underground station to foreseen

See more tomorrow. Task until then : searching for bloggeurs. Tomorrow’s main goal: finish the budget part

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