Meeting for the pitch

Wednesday, 20th of November

Pitch planning

Global plan

Part 1: who are we

Part 2: the core message / key ideas

Part 3: research methods and target

Part 4: objectives

Part 5: Creative section (what we are going to do and how)

Part 6 : budget

Part 7: measurement

Part 1: what we are , what we are going to do / talk about

–          Why marcoms / IMC ?

–          Credentials: talking about the strengths of our team, focus on our experience

According to Gigi, we should not focus on this because it’s useless we only have 15min

Part 2: the core message / key ideas

–          Theoretical background/ planning process theory (very important, see first lecture recommended by Phil)

–          Our original idea was : you don’t have to flight first class. We try to find other key words to create the perfect slogan. We came out with these words: smart experience, stunning, perfectly design, optimized, unique, engineered. We found really great the slogan used by BMW : ‘design for luxury, engineered for excellence’.

Ideas of slogan:

Smart design for a stunning experience

Smart sleeping

Note that Yotel twitter account describes Yotel with this slogan: “everything you would expect from a luxury hotel in a small space”

Part 3: research methods and target

Research and then segmentation according to what we found in research. Define here the difference between business and leisure è 2 types of stay at the hotel

Need to focus here on what we found more that how we did it. We have to show to the client we have carried out a competitive analysis / in-depht interviews that enable us to perfectly understand the market. Don’t spend too much time on the details. Don’t talk of qualitative /quantitative at all, just say: we have carried out interviews among 24 people and here are the main results from it.

Part 4: objectives

Objectives according to what we draw from the research

–          Increase brand awareness by driving traffic on social media (need to specify which media) by X%

For instance, on instagram, there are 56 000 posts about the hashtag ‘trafalgar square’. It means that 56 000 people are looking on instagram for Trafalgar square. If we associate Yotel with this hashtag we will have a very interesting visibility among this huge community. Brand awareness cannot be measured but on the 56 000 people, maybe 1/3 from them will remember of Yotel name. That can already represent the occupancy of Yotel in one year

Need a theory to support this objective:  AIDA model è we want to raise awareness because it leads to interest then desire then action

MAIN IDEA: maximum impact for the less money. Hit as many people as possible in a shortly time

Need to create a timeline

–          Secure both corporate and leisure booking. Room occupancy: the number of room booked. 80% to 85% is the rate of occupancy the marketing director is expected, would be the minimum to reach success

–          B2B marketing: business corporate networking è relationship objective

The more precise the objective is the easier it is to measure it

Part 5: Creative section (what we are going to do and how

Marketing tools that we use:

–          Social media

–          Event

–          PR

–          Direct marketing (magazines)


Design / architecture


Airport magazines

Technology such as Ipod users, App magazines

Advertising / marketing / communication / media magazines

Need justifications and theories


Leisure Business
–          Instagram Contest supported by Yo sushi-          Bloggeurs night  –          Corporate event. Event for the 100 top SME to work for-          Direct marketing (industry magazines)
–          Launch event at Trafalgar square:

Start with the cabin in Trafalgar square

Then in the box mall in Shoreditch

Then around 5 different cities : Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester (circulating van)

–          Instagram contest supported by Yosushi: good because not too expensive, people would already be in YOsushi.

–          Trafalgar square: can be interesting to join paper to fill in order to subscribe to a newsletter if interested by Yotel concept in order to receive it next time in e-mails.

Theory of marisa: the more you are exposed to a brand, the more you will remind it. So people have to see yotel several time (hence the continuity principle over 6 months)

We think that launching the cabin exhibit in Trafalgar square 4 months before the real opening of Yotel in central London is too early – people will forget about it before. So we decided that 6 weeks can be fine

–          Blogueurs night: aroung 20 blogueurs to contact. Make the blogueur nights and corporate event inside the Yotel because it would be ready before opening, if it’s not possible then try to choose a place that is as close as possible from Yotel. Global idea: first one to try the concept, exclusivity , exclusive stay, make people connect with the brand

–          Corporate event: SME from agencies, creative industry, advertising. They will be physical target here in front of us. We have to get them on board. Need to talk to peers too, not only to 30 person. To do so, use the biggest journal/ magazines with direct marketing

Our planning need a continuity over 6 months. The month we decide to start it doesn’t matter

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