Success recipe from Phil: having one very clear idea, stick to it, sell it.

Monday, 18th of November

Meeting with Phil

Topic covered:

First of all, in order to sell a strategy, it’s important to focus on only one big idea

Our big idea can be that Yotel is the new arm of Yogroup

The main goal of the operation is to raise awareness

Our creative ideas:

–          Put a Yotel room in Shoreditch (the box) and Trafalgar square, exhibit in this room. “Here we are, come in and experience it”. Goal: convince cool people that Yotel is the new thing to try because is a new cool thing. The target audience is quiet interesting in experiencing something new, feeling that they are in a new technological trend and that they can therefore lead it.

–          Instagram pictures contest, this kind of contest is successful

–          Blogger event. Use a large blogger community to attract them, to seduce them with the Yotel concept in order to make them talk about the brand by using their blog and social media to post things

Remind of the difficulty to understand the concept

Phil’s advices:

–          During the pitch, narrowing this down : don’t spend much time talking about what the brief is because they already know it

–          Don’t spent too much time on the research part unless we have found important/ relevant figures/ information that might interest them, something new and unexpected they might not be aware of

–          Everything must be focused down on the central core message (remember his schema), on the big idea of the campaign. Remember that on his schema, he said that under the core message we will have to think about the support, teasing etc., everything that contributes to the campaign

–          Objectives must be very clear. For instance, “want to achieve X hundred booking within the next X months”, and the same concerning social media audience: we must give an idea of the expected traffic , giving media audience figures, number or fans, percentage of specific audience (workers, travelers).

–          The most important point to demonstrate is that X million people would be aware of Yotel/ our event

–          The campaign needs to have a form of words, a demonstration of the core message

–          We need to select very specific medias such as design magazines, software magazines , magazine for iphone users, pick off/up? archetypes, pick up those professions etc.

–          Don’t talk about awareness much but sensibility from these target to the concept

–          Make sure everything fix with your central concept and then after test it


Globally, he really found that our ideas were good. He advised us to have one very clear idea and then stick to it and sell it





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