Yo! Sushi, Yo! Home, RadiYO!, YoJapan ! How many ideas does the CEO have?

Wednesday, 30th of October

Today’s meeting:

– Fergus presented the SWOT for Yotel he has prepared at home

– I presented the SWOT for YO group, and explained what are the different brands (Yo! sushi, Yo! Home, RadiYO!, Yo! Japan etc.) in order that all the group are aware of what the company do.

We determine that all these different brands can be a strengh because people will make the link between a good experience from YO! Sushi and will want to discover Yotel because they remind of this good experience for instance.

However, these activitie really differ from one to another and it can be risky to diversify the group like this. Indeed, Yo! Japan remains a project since 2005 now, maybe the group should focus on three main activities instead (Yotel, Yo sushi and Yo home, which are much more similar and coherent)

We also talk about the future projects of the Yo group, its partner and its finance.

Next meeting: monday, 4th of November to prepare the PR oral presentation


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