Research Method – Let’s divide up the task

Friday, 26th of October

During Kate’s class we make a progress report concerning the research method for Yotel case. We divided up the task:

– Fergus and I: internal analysis of Yotel and Yo Group: SWOT, analysis of partners, financial health, market position and future projects

– Temitope and Iris: industry of tourism an hotel

– Marisa:

– Adja:

– Gigi:

Concerning the external research, we thought that walking around the Yotel situated in London would be good, in order to see who are the other competitors, what are their prices, what are the hotel trends etc.

Concerning the qualitative research, we believe that looking on tripadvisor to analyse the customers’advices and impressions can be a great help for our study. Moreover, we have to build a questionnaire for the focus group in order to ask people what influence them when they choose an hotel, namely location, price, facilities, atmosfere, loyalty, reservation forms etc.). We have to think ahead of how to build this questionnaire with a lot of precaution. Questions have to be well thought out, non redundant and coherent. I think the best would be to read some tips about how to built a focus group questionnaire in order to be on the right tracks before beginning thinking to the questions.

Then we have Kate’s feedback. She advised us to put some abreviation to qualify the different type of travel for instance:

FF: Frequent Flight

Triangle (see notes) from general to particular

Next Meeting: Wednesday, 30th of October


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