Research for Research Methods

Wednesday, 16th of October

Before meeeting we have read ‘Research Methods for students’ book in order to  come back with ideas for today’s meeting.

Begin with Secondary research

– Both internal and external research (SWOT + PESTEL + PORTER and the Hotel industry as a whole)

Also take a look at market share; the leaders and the trends

Financial planning and possibly look at the additional P’s in the 3P model

Then Primary research

This is all about our target audience so we will look into doing:

  • Qualitative research e.g. focus groups/questionnaires etc.
  • Semiotics – analysing visual codes/signs in media (?)
  • Nentography – a form of market research that analyses the behaviour and usage of internet e.g. watching behaviour on forums

Yotel discussion

We discussed about the Yotel brief and here are the salient points:

– For the next presentation, we anticipate the fact that other groups may base their presentations on the ‘Japanese’ aspect of the company. Our presentation might differ from this perception. Therefore it was suggested we do something postmodern and ‘Avant-guard’.

Potential customers who may be interested in Yotel:

  • Young professionals
  • Middle to upper class
  • People with disposable income

– Possible advertising through:

  • Magazines
  • Social media
  • Creating a big promotional event that ensures media coverage and exposure – possibly do a stunt.
  • Co-promotional deals with a club perhaps but can’t clash with other brands in the Yo group.

 We could promote Yotel as the ‘new thing to try’. Yotel is a trendy and unique concept to try, threfore there is a price to pay to be “updated” and fashion.

Other things to consider:

  • Do we emphasise on ‘why’ someone should choose Yotel?
  • What makes people choose the hotels they do? What makes Yotel so unique?
  • We should emphasise the experience of Yotel, not the price or sale
  • Yotel is not in the luxury market; however there may be different levels of ‘luxury’ and ‘affordability’.

Next meeting: Friday 18th of October

Our task for next meeting:

– Read our article for Kate’s class and fill the grid to summarize it.

What we will talk about:

– Adja feedback on 1st and 2nd article

– Put together presentation for Kate’s class

–  Divide reading again for next week


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