Spectrum team, Let’s tell you a story

Monday, 14th of October

Mains goals of today’s meeting:

–   Summarize articles that each person has read and discuss the possible uses in upcoming assignments and lectures. Each of us had to readout our article, looking over the key points / limits / conclusion of the article we had read. It would enable us to save time as we have a lot of readings to do. Moreover it would help us in selecting the article that would need a deeper understanding / or the article that could be relevant for our thesis or our dissertation.

–   Discuss possible research methods in preparation for next meeting (for presentation in Kate’s class on Friday)

Example of notes we took in order to summarize articles:

Iris: “Information Procession – a critical lit review and future research direction”

Consumer Information Processing – specifically when exposed to an advert. Explores mechanisms used when interpreting info. Very broad literature on subject – articles aims to give ideas for future research. Highlights a gap in the research – ‘what information processing does.’

Info processing – HOW you’re thinking. What language do you use? Do we all have the same process? Can we have multiple thoughts at the same time?

Three main areas:

Cognitive info

Attitudinal change

elaboration likelihood model.

Conclusion: Marketers need to understand information processing and how consumers make decisions to be more effective.

Could it be useful?   Yes. Consumer behavior.

Tasks for next meeting:

Read about ‘Research Methods’ and come up with at least one idea to use in our research for ‘Yotel.’ See E-mail from Gigi from Friday which details the types of research.

Next Meeting Wednesday 15:00 – 18:30 


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