‘So if I understand well, we have to read, read… and read again’

 Friday, 11th of October

Queen Ann, 12.30 pm to 2 pm

During the first hour we worked all together on the task we had to do for communication theory: the planning behaviour theory by Icek Ajzen, implemented on the process of how a people chose a hotel.

We helped each other by redefining some terms such as normative beliefs and control beliefs in order to make it clear before working on this theory.

We gave some example for each section, for instance for the behavioural beliefs we determined elements such as : comfort, having a good night sleep, having the Wi-fi and spaces to work, satisfaction etc.

Then after 1pm we talked about our strategy to divide the different lectures between us. We decided to focus on the two main courses of our program: advertising and communication theory. For the next session of these courses there are seven different articles to read, so each of us will have one article to read and to resume using the grid from the Contemporary issues course. It would enable us to see the key issues and conclusions very quickly. We also decided to write each time a resume of the article we had to read as a complement to the grid in order to have a complete vision.

We agree on the fact that some important readings such as chapters from De Pelsmecker book should be done individually.

During the last half-hour we also discussed about internships and each other perspectives.

Next session is scheduled on Monday, 14th of October at twelve


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