I have a lot on my plate!

Saturday, 5th of October

For the next meeting, scheduled next Monday, 7th I have to prepare my part of the presentation  I will not be able to come to the presentation on Monday, I give my apologies to my work group. It’s very exceptionnal, I don”t want to penalize them. So we worked together anyway, in order to see how we are going to manage the presentation and my part without me speaking.


1. Prepare our individual presentation. All presentations should be structured in the same way:

– Photo (Fergus already took my photo yesterday during the meeting)

– Name (the superhero nickname)

– 3 superpowers: what you do in the agency. It should be put this way “I organize events for you”, for instance. It is important to address ourselves to the client.

– 3 things about yourself, your background.

2- Each of us must find examples of companies we worked with in the past. Think of different industries, and as mentioned above only well-known brands that established recently, e.g. Instagram, Giffgaff, EE…

My ideas of companies were:

Lichee, pinterest, whyd, because all these three online concept are very new and famous

Vitamin water, innocent, Michel et augustin, because they are very  uncommon brands (packaging) that have all succeded in entering a saturated market


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