‘Why don’t we give a cartoon dimension to our agency? You’ll be Professor G, and you, well, the PR Girl’

Friday 4th of October

Our meeting was really fruitful, we get things done!

Choosing a name.

We began the meeting by giving our different ideas for the agency names. Here are some of them:

The agency, The world box, Crayon, Mianzi, Glocom, Spectrum, Engage, Relate

We decided to select Spectrum because it shows well the fact that we do create integrated marketing communication, incorporing gradually several dimensions – like a spectre, a whole range of different marketing communications areas and people to serve our clients.

Defining the personnality of our agency

Then, we discussed about the personnality we want to give to our agency

There are two different types of “personalities”, we can chose bewteen:

-a corporate agency

-a fun agency

We decided to go for a fun agency in order to catch people’ attention and also to show that being original doesn’t mean that quality will suffers of it, quite the opposite. Originality is what people are looking for and what the brand needs to be noticed among all the other competitors (Cf > “the purple Cow” by Seth Godin)

To goes on with the idea of fun but serious agency, we decided to introduce superheroes, ‘comics’ to present our agency: PR Girl (me), Professor G (Gigi), Ad-Girl (Aja) etc. We firstly want to be sure that this dimension will be accepted, so we check it with Kate Armstrong and she approved it.

The main idea of introducing comics:

‘All those “supermarketers” have superpowers, which consist of their expertise and skills in a specific marketing communications domain. Superheroes are also quite representative of the idea that we are all from different continents, as superheroes are all very different and have very different backgrounds. ‘ This is Aja explanation, which I found very clear.

But we don’t want our agency to be perceived as a non-serious organization, that’s why we have to shade it. The name of our agency doesn’t make any reference to a cartoon for this reason.

Finding a slogan

The slogan will be: Innovate, Integrate, Communicate.

We chose not to relate our slogan with the superheroes theme, for the same reasons as for the name.

Organizing the presentation

After this, we structured the presentation by drawing a plan in a sheet of paper.

We decided to make three different sections:

– Who are we?

– What we do and why we do it?

– What we did? Some examples of clients

Defining the roles

Research: Gigi alias Professor G

PR/Events/Sponsorship: Caroline alias PR girl

Advertising: Adja alias Adgirl

Electronic communications/ Web: Iris

Creative: Temi

Copywriter: Fregus

Finance/Account director/ Coordinator: Marisa

==> Surname to be found

Next meeting is scheduled on Monday at 11am in Queen Anne, 1st floor


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