‘Tell me what have you done in the past and I will tell you who you will be in the future’

Today’s meeting consisted in telling to each other what we have done before – for instance, in which company and area we have been worked before etc. – in order to determine the different profiles in our group work. This step is important: distinguish our different roles among the group will help us setting up our next presentation, by defining our state of mind and the way we work in our agency.

We all have different backgrounds concerning the studies we followed, the work experience we had and even more because we all have different nationalities.

For instance, Gigi’s point of interest is research, strategy and public speaking. Public speaking is something that Iris, Marisa and Adja also love to do, while Fergus and I don’t really feel confortable yet with oral presentations in general- I’m sure we are going to improve ourselves thanks to the many oral speaking we will have to do.

We share many things in common (work experience in communication, having a blog etc) but we all have a particularity, which is:

Iris: social media, also speaks Russian

Marisa: Copywriter experience, CRM

Aja: International Economics and Trade, Sales, also speaks Mandarin and French

Fergus: account manager, client and customer focused

Temi: skills in creative tool such as Photoshop

Me: Public relations, Event management, also speak Spanish

Gigi: research, also speaks Vietnamese

Next time (Friday, 4th of october) we will meet in order to start thinking what is our state of mind, what kind of message we want to tell, and above all, we will have to define the name of our agency for good !


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