Our first group meeting to work on the Canterbury water case

Wednesday, 25th of September somewhere at the first floor in Queen Ann building.

This afternoon we meet all together in order to discuss about what we read and the notes we took regarding the Canterbury water case.

It was a very effective and well-organized meeting.

First of all, we discussed about the first chapter of the two main books that we read before coming to the meeting. (De Pelsmacker and Fill books) Indeed, we agreed on the fact that we should read these first chapters before getting down to the thick of things. It was the opportunity to share our point of views about IMC and to redefine together several wordings . Indeed, before starting we prefered to check if each wording was clear enough in our mind, for instance, knowing what is the difference between Marketing Communication, Communication, Advertising, IMC etc.

Communication is our field of study so  for sure, we must know how to use the different word to be understood by the others!

Then we discuss about what should be included in the initial presentation, in order to build a first plan. We concluded that  the key point is to describe IMC and to illustrate this theory with relevant examples, such as Perrier or San Pellegrino.

At the end of our meeting we determined who is going to do what for the next meeting. Fergus proposed that someone write a recap of our meeting (a different person at each meeting), in order to keep a record of what we realized during the session. Notes have to be taken, and then written up and e-mailed to  the group.

My first impression of this meeting is very positive. We didn’t waste time while working and it was very pleasant to work with motivated people. We all have different cultural and academic backgrounds, and that is going to be very rewarding.


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