My motivations for doing the IMCo program

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Doing this program is for me a great opportunity to enhance my employability opportunities while enjoying a very rewarding international context. The fact that I can be specialized in the marketing field I was looking for in London is very significant because this capital really embodies communication itself- being a world crossroad. The principle of a dual-award program really seduces me, because being with the same international class all the year long means that we will have the time to learn how to think and how to work with different nationalities, by building a real cohesion between us.

I love having the opportunity to discover new cultures, to broaden my horizons while studying. For this reason I chose to skip the cesure year to be sure that I could follow the IMCo program. It’s also explains why I have been studying in Denmark during one semester for my first-year master, at the Copenhaguen Business School. To retrace my steps until high school, I have a baccalaureate in Science stream with an international dimension (Spanish European section) that enabled me to realize a cultural exchange with a Spanish high school from Madrid during one month. Afterwards I enrolled in preparatory school during two intensive years in order to prepare me entering into the French “grandes écoles”. Being at the midway of this program, I decided to take the plane to land in the middle of nowhere in the United States to work in a ranch in Colorado. I trained seven horses per day for polo competitions and I made translations between Spanish and English speakers during some matches.  Beyond doubt, joining the IMCo program was very logical for me as I have always taken the opportunity to join international experiences.

My expectation toward this program is to feel more confident with both my oral and written English skills in a professional context. I also want this program to foster my adaptation skills in order to be able to work efficiently with different nationalities. Furthermore, I hope this specialization, which is the last step before being graduated, will help me to determine more precisely my professional objectives, to know in which communication area I would like to work. What I want to achieve by the end of this program is for sure, landing a good internship that would enhance my future career. J


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