First introduction with the ‘Advertising & Marketing Communications’ course

During the introduction lesson we worked on three interesting advertisements that had hold the attention of Sally Abbott, the global marketing director of Weetabix.

For each advertisements, our groups had to determine the goal of this campaign, how did they do this, and what was expected from the viewers.

The one that really hold my attention was the first one for Heinz Ketchup.

The goal of this advertisement is to show that Heinz Ketchup is a moment of pleasure to share in family, whatever the age and the generation, whatever the food you are eating. This keetchup makes connection bewteen people anytime, anywhere : anybody can recognize itself. The goal is also to show that Heinz Ketchup is the only ketchup that prevail over the rest, being known by everyone.

To do that, different family scenes are shown at the restaurant, at a party, at home, showing younger and older people, all together or even alone. Everyone can recognize itself or someone else when seing the man who is scrubing the ketchup jar. To emphasize the fact that Heinz prevails over the other products, the labels of the other brands don’t appear when opening the fridge, as if nothing else exists but Heinz Ketchup. To point out the brand awarness, they didn’t say a world about the product itself, to show that the brand means everything (quality, the only one to chose among other, it has to be Heinz).


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